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Integrity: Principle centered fidelity in action… uncompromising adherence to a code of principle-centric values. The quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude, action and speech. Soundness, Unifying, Enduring.

Veracity: The tenacious pursuit of and dedication to seeking truth. A striving to look beyond to a greater truth. Often the greatest truth we can grasp is a window through which we may apprehend a still greater truth … Candor, Accuracy, and Authenticity.

Vision: Vivid, intense & enduring mental imagery. Knowing the future as a choice, as something perceived, and then realized by extraordinary means. The ability to anticipate and capitalize possible future events and developments. Discernment, Intelligent Foresight, Authorship, Acumen.

Growth: Vigorous and progressive training and development of mental, physical, emotional, and meta­physical intelligence toward excellence in personal efficacy.

TRADOC; Meditate, Practice, Evolve, Thrive.

Contribution: Skin in the game. Prime Mover, First Cause, Law of Reciprocity, Enlightened Self-Interest. Accord, Alliance, Catalyst. The pixie dust.

Fortitude: Strength of mind that enables one to endure pain & adversity and meet fear & opposition with courage. It is to be supremely articulate in the service of our cause. The foundation of fortitude is an absolute conviction of the righteousness of who you are and of our shared vision, values & purpose. At its most fundamental level it is the contextual content of the conversation you are having with yourself & others. It is “The guardian and foundation of all our virtues.” Mental & Emotional Backbone…

Fidelity: The relationship is the source, fidelity its price, the fruit of your imagination its reward. Allegiance, Loyalty, Reliability, Availability & Candor.

Leadership: To proceed aggressively & without delay towards one’s purpose, missions & vision… The ability to lead oneself that others may be led. Inaugurate, set in motion and exemplify, first Mover, vanguard.

Execution: Excellent implementation & successful completion of missions. Professionalism in Performance, Consistency in Praxis, excellence in all.


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